The Pursuit iS HAPPINESS

Lead a Community of Action Takers!

With A Custom Designed

Do your clients need some help Being the Change you see for them...?

At Dreamwork, we believe true success comes from a place of balance and fulfillment.

Good people become better humans when these needs are met.

We’ve consistently found that better humans make better leaders and deliver better results.

The role of our Challenges is to help your people make critical decisions based on a well-structured plan and professional practices.

We provide coaching support for every  phase. Your clients can achieve every milestone, along with a multitude of growth benefits when they take on Dreamwork Custom 21 Day Challenge


Dreamwork is for action-takers

Challenges are so much more than a course that simply provides data.

They are an interactive process that guide participants to work on their dreams every day, step-by-step, little by little.  Challenges provide participants with a structure and a community where quitting is not an option – Dreamwork is teamwork.

What Makes The Dreamwork Challenge So Different?

Every business requires leadership and strategies to attain its goals. We are proud to assist entrepreneurs and small business owners in creating challenges and working towards success by building communities.  achieve every milestone together,

The best way to build connection and trust with your audience and build your business in collaboration with them is with our 21 Day Challenge program, because success is a journey not a destination.

The role of our Challenges is to help you make critical connections by turning your content into a well-structured and professional practice - your very own 21 Day Dreamwork Challenge

We provide coaching support for every business phase. Your community can achieve every milestone together, along with a multitude of growth benefits when you take on serving them by creating your very  own Dreamwork Challenge.

When you work with Dreamwork, we truly listen. As professional coaches and consultants, we know that every business is different, and therefore we pay close attention to your concerns and goals. This includes our ability to adopt a collaborative approach to work with you to achieve the right results while supporting you every step of the way.

Choose a Path, Commit to Success, Make Magic Happen —  Every Day!

are for
Startups, Coaches, Thought Leader and Entrepreneurs.

Our program is designed to guide and coach you through the step by step process of identifying and clarifying the unique process of your business or service.

Dreamwork is for creators, leaders, and entrepreneurs who want to support their clients and customers to take action on their dreams by setting goals and using our proven structures to pursue them.

Dreamwork Challenges are custom-made programs for each participant, to focus your clients on your pathway to supporting them to achieve their dreams.

Whether you just have an idea and haven’t started yet, or you have been in business for a few years and want better results, we can help you get there.

How it Works

  • Dreamwork programs are 21-day challenges. The challenges  are assigned monthly and are be based on specific needs, abilities, and business/life goals.
  • Participants receive daily action steps that move them forward to your desired outcome.
  • The 21-day challenge format includes: reading a few paragraphs per day, writing, listening, and doing a task every day.
  • ​24 hours is allotted for each day: completed assignments are be checked, and progress evaluated.
  • Participants only need two things: a notebook to write in, and Whatsapp to receive the daily text and audio content.
  • Challenges are designed to be intensive: participants are held accountable for the declarations they make within the program.
  • Each Challenge is designed for engagement: participants go 21 days straight without missing a day of action.

This is the challenge!

Life is a Challenge! Business is a challenge!  
 Leadership is challenging – but you can do it!



Restart Your Dreams
Everything you need to know in one well-organized package
  • Launch call on Zoom
  • Whatsapp Support Group
  •   How to Create the text & the audio
  •  How to market on whatsapp & get your first participants
  • Test in my Community
  • move at your own pace
  • blueprint to create as many challenges as you want
Launch Your Business
Step by step coaching and guidance to build your custom challenge
  • Daily support and accountability
  • 24/hr  support chat
  • A coach looking over your shoulder
  • Experience a challenge as you create your own
  •  Confidence to use the formula and create more challenges.
Ignite the World
Best For... active leaders who are busy serving their clients and communities
  • Provide your content and an expert does all the work for you
  • Custom audio recordings
  •  I will Run a free &  a paid challenge for you
  •  Filter clients to you
  •  Earn cash up front for your challenge.

JOIN TODAY and begin to transform lives
and get your business to the next level.

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